Table 2

Descriptive statistics for centres

NMeanSDRange across centres
Mean age* (years)6965.42.560.0–72.8
Percentage male*6962.04.147.1–70.3
Mean Index of Multiple Deprivation Decile*694.71.11–7
Transplanting centre*
 Yes22 (31.9%)
 No47 (68.1%)
Size of centre*69891685124–3417
Mean haemoglobin level (g/L)*69109.22.6103.4–116.0
Mean phosphate level (mmol/L)691.540.130.79–1.74
Mean ferritin (ng/mL)66492116297–889
Wait listed within 2 years starting RRT (%)6940.911.614.3–65.4
Transplant within 2 years of waiting list (%)6953.415.325–100
Prevalent 1-year mortality unadjusted (%)6916.63.310.2–25.7
Prevalent 1-year mortality adjusted to age 60 (%)6912.02.36.4–17.3
  • * Selected for multilevel modelling

  • RRT, renal replacement therapy.