Table 1

Time points for enrolment, intervention and assessment of outcome measure

Time point study daysStudy period and Follow-upCloseout
D1 (−1 Day)D2D3D4D5D6D7D10D15D21D28
Enrolment and assignment-screening
 Eligibility assessmentX
 Informed consentX
 Baseline data*X
Study drug administration-treatment period
 Favipiravir or placeboxxxxxxx
 Adverse effect reactionxxxxxxx
 Serious adverse event assessmentxxxxxxxxxx
Clinical data collection
 Symptoms evaluationxxxxxxxxx
Laboratory data collection
 COVID-19 PCR from respiratory samplexxxx
 CBC, renal profile and LFTxxxx
  • CBC-Complete blood count, Liver Function Test-LFT, ECG-electrocardiogram

  • *Baseline data include the subject’s demographics, comorbid conditions, vital signs, symptoms and epidemiological data collected on the day of enrolment.