Table 4

The functionalities of the MyPal web-based app offered to the HCPs

H1Incoming information summaryA central page of the web-based app displays in a summarised form the incoming patient information that has not been reviewed yet. Incoming information is automatically prioritised in the system using custom algorithms whereby pieces of incoming information are assigned the highest priority and placed at the top of the list. Whenever an item is reviewed in full, it is removed from the list.
H2Individual data dashboardA page that presents all the information collected for a given patient since the start of their participation in the study, using a dashboard with modern visualisations (see figure 4). The information includes primarily the patient’s responses to the symptom questionnaire along with additional clinical information (eg, treatment, age group, diagnosis group, etc.).
H3Symptom Status over TimeThis functionality and its visualisation are linked to the individual data dashboard. HCPs can document interim reports on current or past symptoms at different points in time as well as corresponding measures taken via selection of pre-defined choices. Additionally, the current or retrospective status of the patient’s disease as well as the goal of treatment can be updated considering the whole course of the study.
H4Aggregated data dashboardA page that presents aggregated and summarised information coming from all patients that participate in the study (descriptive statistics such a min, max, average and percentiles) using an analytics dashboard with modern visualisations.
H5HCP response logA page that is used for logging potential responses (eg, referral to a specialist or prescription of medical examinations) of the HCP to the presented information of a specific patient. The HCP can log any actions taken after visiting individual data dashboard of a patient in a structured manner.