Table 2

Patient-related data acquisition

Acquired data at inclusion
Demographic dataAge, sex, height, weight, body mass index, predicted bodyweight (according to the ARDS network)
Acquired data at diagnosis of ARDS
Therapeutic interventionsProne positioning
Acquired data 28 days after diagnosis of ARDS or ICU discharge (whatever occurs first)
Guideline adherenceTime fraction of guideline adherent therapy. Included parameters:
  • Tidal volume (Vt): ≤6 mL/kg predicted bodyweight

  • Endinspiratory pressure (PEI): ≤30 cmH2O

  • Positive endexpiratory pressure (PEEP) ≥5 cmH2O

  • Driving pressure (Δ p=PEI PEEP): ≤15 cmH2O

Days without organ dysfunctionFull days without organ replacement therapy:
  • Mechanical ventilation (excluding atelectasis-prophylaxis).

  • Use of vasopressors.

  • Renal replacement therapy.

Acquired data at hospital discharge
Duration of treatmentsDuration of hospital treatment, duration of ICU treatment, duration of hospital treatment until ARDS diagnosis
Mechanical ventilationDuration of mechanical ventilation (excluding atelectasis-prophylaxis)
MortalityIn-hospital mortality of ARDS, ICU mortality of ARDS
  • ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; ICU, intensive care unit.