Table 3

Measures introduced to help the business manage the financial effects of COVID-19

Single-handed practices (n=156)Group practices (n=382)
Have informed staff to take annual leave earlyTotal: 22
Proportion: 14.1%
Total: 124
Proportion: 32.4%
Have asked staff to reduce their hours and work them back up later in the yearTotal: 12
Proportion: 7.7%
Total: 56
Proportion: 14.7%
Have formally reduced staff hours and payment until profitability improvesTotal: 16
Proportion: 10.3%
Total: 76
Have made staff redundantTotal: 15
Proportion: 9.6%
Total: 37
Proportion: 9.7%
Have applied for the employer wage subsidy schemeTotal: 15
Total: 63
Proportion: 16.5%