Table 1

Practice characteristics

Pre-COVID-19During COVID-19
Total no of practices526538
No of single-handed practices101156
Per cent of total19.4%29.0%
No of group practices422382
Per cent of total80.2%71.0%
No of FTE GPs overall1504.51276.5
No of respondents523537
Mean GPs overall:2.92.4
No of FTE GPs on the day1253.91104.9
No of respondents526534
Mean GPs on day:2.402.1
Practices with a PN employed483463
Per cent of total93.8%88.0%
No of respondents515526
No of FTE PNs overall629.5607.2
No of respondents515526
Mean PNs overall:1.21.2
No of FTE PNs on the day535.8509.0
No of respondents514513
Mean PNs on day1.01.0
Practices located in a city197185
Per cent of total37.6%34.4%
Practices located in a town231247
Per cent of total43.9%46.0%
Practices located in a village98105
Per cent of total18.6%19.5%
  • FTE, full-time equivalent; GP, general practitioner; PN, practice nurse.