Table 2

Summary of consultations

Consultation methodPre-COVID-19 ConsultationsDuring COVID-19 consultations
GP face- to face
Total consultations3216010484
Proportion of GP consultations87.3%41.0%
No of respondents523530
GP telemedicine*
Total consultations385614588
Proportion of GP consultations10.5%57.0%
No of respondents508523
GP home visits
Total consultations483299
Proportion of GP consultations1.3%1.2%
No of respondents:510517
GP nursing home visits
Total consultations322225
Proportion of GP consultations0.9%0.9%
No of respondents496503
PN face to face
Total consultations114175908
Proportion of PN consultations82.4%67.6%
No of respondents:490489
PN telemedicine*
Total consultations24362828
Proportion of PN consultations17.6%32.4%
No of respondents471469
  • *Telemedicine consultations include video, telephone and other remote technology used.

  • GP, general practitioner; PN, practice nurse.