Table 3

A composite quality appraisal tool based on an adaption of the NHMRC Evidence Statement Form, the NHMRC Body of Evidence Matrix and the iCAHE Guidelines Quality Checklist.

Evidence baseFormally evaluated and findings publishedNo formal evaluation; developed on the basis of published findings OR some testing among endusers has been conductedNo reference to formal evidence or testing; developed by expert consensusDeveloped on the basis of personal opinion only
Impact and utilityCovers a range of relevant issues comprehensivelyCovers more than one relevant issueCovers a single issue of high importanceBrief resource, restricted coverage of issue
GeneralisabilityRelevant to one or more of the target groupsSome information relevant for the target groupNot relevant for any of the target groups
ApplicabilityDirectly applicable to the Australian contextApplicable to the Australian context with some caveatsNot applicable to an Australian context/unsure
AvailabilityReadily available at no costAvailable at low costAvailable at significant cost ($100+)Not readily available
CurrencyResource is current/regularly updatedResource is current but not updated regularlyResource is not current but contains up-to-date information and terminology (≥10 years)Resource contains out of date information and terminology
Ease of useEasy to use or navigateDifficult to use or overly complex
CredibilityUniversity-based or government funded, reputable developersDevelopers or organisation not reputable
  • NHMRC, National Health and Medical Research Council.