Table 3

Commonly addressed questions among those that could be mapped to the MIND reference framework (blue), and those that could not (green)

QuestionNumber of frameworks addressing question
App origin/app functionality: Where does the app come from/who is the app developer?26
App origin/app functionality: How much does the app cost?16
App origin/app functionality: Does the app have at least one accessibility feature?11
App origin/app functionality: Is the app available on multiple platforms?9
App origin/app functionality: Has the app been updated recently/when was the last update?9
App origin/app functionality: How many downloads does the app have/how many reviews?9
App origin/app functionality: Does the app work offline?7
Privacy/security: Is there a privacy policy?20
Privacy/security: Does the app declare data use and purpose?18
Privacy/security: Does the app report security measures in place?25
Privacy/security: Does the app claim to meet HIPAA (or an analogous health data protection regulation)?10
Evidence/clinical foundation: Is the app content well-written, correct and relevant?25
Evidence/clinical foundation: Does the app do what it claims?18
Evidence/clinical foundation: Is the app patient facing?28
Evidence/clinical foundation: Is there evidence of the app’s efficacy?27
Features/engagement style: Is the app collaborative with a provider?8
Features/engagement style: Does the app offer gamification?4
Interoperability/data sharing: Can you email or export your data?10
Is the app easy to use?18
Is the app visually appealing?10
Is the app age appropriate?4
Does the app allow for customisation and/or personalisation?7
Was the app developed in collaborated with target users?4
Is there a manual or set of instructions for the app?8
Is there any advertising within the app?9
Risk/benefit analysis2
Speed of functionality5
Is there a way to contact the developer with questions or concerns?6
  • HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; MIND, Mhealth Index and Navigation Database.