Table 5

Qualitative themes and subthemes

Overarching themeSubthemeExample quote
AcceptabilityRelatability‘That really does bother me actually; it’s like – if I stop using the cream, then it will stop working. That’s a big annoyance of mine, because with most medical conditions you have a treatment and it’s cleared, but this one, it’s very – even though it’s quite a small condition and it’s not physically – it’s not going to end your life or anything, it does feel quite restrictive.’
Influence of questionnaire and emotive reaction to wording‘It’s like a little bit shocking when you first read them, because they are instantly like – do you feel depressed, do you feel tired, whereas I think there’s a lot of other ones that – they float around the subject, whereas I think this is probably more – in your face.’
Need for other health concerns‘I know it’s difficult. So, yes, maybe a bit of a broader … question about other – other aspects of your health’.
UsabilityLayout‘I like the way that one looks. It’s a bit more spaced out (slight laughter from both), all on one page, which is nice, because you don’t feel like you’ve got to sit there and go through pages and pages. You can see a picture from the ticks and stuff, for me, looking at it and – whereas that one was kind of like – just went on and on, but actually if you condensed that, that would actually be really similar’.
Question and response wording‘I’m struggling a little bit to understand on that one. It’s just the way it’s worded ever so slightly. It’s like it’s asking for a positive but a negative at the same time, about how concerned were you that your medication products were working fast enough…’
Redundant and similar questions‘I’m trying to just answer each question individually, but in the back of my head, I’m thinking – oh, do I want to turnover and see what I put for one of the others, because it feels like the same (I: Okay) sort of question. But maybe – you probably can’t tell me, but are they doing that because they’re checking to see how consistent I am with my answers? I don’t know?’
Guidance notes‘I liked the middle one because it had some information at the top and I felt like it was clear, although it was more to read, it was clear about what I was doing, which this one doesn’t have, in the same way’