Table 2

OR from the binary logistic regression for demographic characteristics and location type (n=4474)

OR95% CIP value
Age per 1 year change0.9880.982 to 0.994<0.001
Male (reference category)1.000
Female1.0600.868 to 1.2930.568
White UK and ROI (reference category)1.000
Asian/Asian British1.6081.266 to 2.042<0.001
White other1.2750.792 to 2.0510.317
Black/black British2.0801.254 to 3.4490.005
Mixed0.7220.351 to 1.4870.377
Chinese0.6190.179 to 2.1450.449
Unknown ethnicity1.4411.140 to 1.8230.002
Non-clinical location (reference category)1.000
Clinical location2.6752.268 to 3.154<0.001