Table 3

Summary of major subthemes

DomainSubthemesExplanationExample questions from interview guide
FeasibilityCost/resourcesIncludes cost and maintenance/storage of LUS equipment, sufficient number of adequately trained staff, potential increased workload and timeWhat should happen to make LUS successful?
Do you foresee any problems with keeping the LUS device in the hospital when not in use?
Do you think that LUS could be integrated into this facility? What would be some of the challenges/ barriers?
How much training (hours and/or days) do you think that learning to use LUS would take?
Support from policymakersAllocating sufficient resources to LUS equipment purchase and promoting use of LUS broadly across public hospital sector
Acceptance of caregiversBuy-in from recipients of LUS
UsabilityDevice managementPerforming LUS image/video clip captureTell me about your experience with ultrasound.
What was easy and/or difficult to learn regarding LUS?
How much time did a LUS examination take?
What level of healthcare provider do you think should perform/ interpret LUS?
Image interpretationMaking diagnosis using available LUS images/video clips
Integration into existing workflowUsing LUS as point-of-care tool within existing clinic structure
AcceptabilityPerceived valueReasons respondent gave for liking and/or wanting LUS implemented within healthcare settingWhat did you think about LUS? What do you like about LUS? What do you dislike?
Did you have any concerns about LUS during your child’s visit?
How do you think that the LUS would impact your child’s care (caregivers) or ability to care for children (HCPs)?
How does your experience with LUS compare to CXR?
Affective attitudeExtent respondent liked or did not like LUS
Patient comfortHow child and caregiver tolerated LUS examination
General understandingRespondent’s ability to articulate indications and expectations of LUS
  • CXR, chest radiography; LUS, lung ultrasound.