Table 2

Announcement dates of public health measures by jurisdiction

Public health communication and education
Hand hygiene9 April31 January17 March30 January5 March28 February27 March5 February4 March
Respiratory etiquette9 April31 January30 January5 March30 March5 February4 March
Environmental cleaning (home/personal environment)29 February2 April11 March
Voluntary self-isolation16 March31 January18 March20 March16 March7 February19 March5 March28 February22 March27 March5 February18 March
Voluntary home quarantine16 March31 January18 March20 March16 March30 March7 February22 March5 March28 February22 March27 March5 February18 March
Use of masks18 March28 March17 April21 April7 April1 April6 April6 April27 April29 April
Public health orders
Environmental cleaning (public spaces)18 March24 March13 March23 April20 April15 March13 March17 March13 March1 April10 April13 March
Physical distancing measures3 March20 March19 March20 March18 March15 March22 March12 March13 March19 March27 March16 March4 March
School closures17 March15 March17 March20 April12 March13 March30 March13 March27 March2 April7 April16 March16 March
University closures30 April13 March13 March19 March19 March
Childcare closures15 March23 March14 April27 April28 April13 March15 March16 March6 April24 April16 March
Cancellation of mass gatherings3 March12 March17 March13 March11 March17 March12 March9 April28 March3 April10 April13 March
Assisted living facilities12 April11 March15 March17 March16 March16 March12 March27 March9 March15 March23 March16 March
Workplace (remote work)29 February20 March21 March13 March16 March16 March10 March14 March16 March
Healthcare settings18 March16 March18 March23 March16 March15 March14 March18 March11 March15 March12 March27 March16 March
Community/faith-based organisations7 March15 March19 March20 March23 April16 March12 March24 March
Retail/commerce restrictions16 March17 March19 March20 March17 March13 March13 March16 March17 March13 March3 April10 April
Remote and isolated communities17 April30 March
Border and travel measures3 February3 February12 March24 April16 March11 March4 March18 March10 March6 March1 April16 March4 March
Case and contact or tracing management measures9 February3 February12 April17 April11 March5 April15 March23 April22 March6 April14 March30 April
Justice services16 March16 March13 March14 March13 March16 March22 April
Government services7 April17 March19 March17 March17 March17 March17 March15 March30 March30 March
Social services21 March23 March10 April23 April15 March18 March24 March23 March22 April19 March
  • AB, Alberta; BC, British Columbia; LTC, long-term care; MB, Manitoba; NB, New Brunswick; NL, Newfoundland and Labrador; NS, Nova Scotia; NU, Nunavut; NWT, Northwest Territories; ON, Ontario; PEI, Prince Edward Island; QC, Quebec; SK, Saskatchewan; YU, Yukon.