Table 3

Swiss 2018 population and COVID-19 cohorts

Effectlog-HRSE ×10P valueHR95% CI
Male0.400.17<0.0011.491.43 to 1.55
Age 6501
Age 650.120.01<0.0011.131.13 to 1.13
COVID-19×male0.190.700.031.211.02 to 1.44
COVID-19×age 6501
COVID-19×age 650.000.030.451.001.00 to 1.01
  • Log-HR and HRs expressing the risk of being male (‘male’) and each year of age (‘age 65’) compared with the baseline hazard in 65-year-old females. Main effects were fitted to both cohorts, interaction effects to the Swiss COVID-19 cohort only. The interaction effects describe the additional risk on the log-HR or HR scale attributable to the infection. Estimates are given with SEs for log-HRs and 95% CIs for HRs, the latter and p values were adjusted for multiplicity.