Table 1

The list of genotypes for construction of noroviruse (NoV) P proteins

NoV P proteinsStrains and GenBank accession
GI.2KF306212 Norovirus Hu/GI.2/Jingzhou/2013401/CHN
GI.3MT860989 Norovirus Hu/GI.3/Guigang 01/2018/CHN
GI.9MT862216 Norovirus Hu/GI.9/Guangzhou/2016/CHN
GII.2KY485122 Norovirus Hu/GII.2/Guangdong/CHN/2016
GII.4AFV08795 Norovirus Hu/Sydney/NSW0514/2012
Novel pandemic GII.4 variant*
GII.6MT861044 Norovirus Hu/GII.6/Jinshan 06/2018
GII.17KU557815 Norovirus Hu/GII.17/16–1669/GD-DG/2014
  • *P protein of any novel potential pandemic GII.4 during 2013–2023 will be expressed.