Table 2

Themes, subthemes and representative quotes from the thematic framework analysis of the data

Main themesSubthemesRepresentative quotes
Participants’ awareness of CP post-discharge services —‘I had never heard about it before until I was coming to see you.’ (05P, with LTC)
‘A lot of people think they are going to a pharmacy to pick up what they need and then just leave.’ (01P, healthy individual)
‘There is a lot of talk about the transfer of care when you get into a hospital when they are trying to get you out, and who is going to support you. I am aware that we have a trend which is underutilized at the minute, is the pharmacy.’ (04P, carer)
Participants’ appreciation of CP post-discharge services‘I think it is an excellent service. Because I remember in the past when my mother had a stroke and she was in the hospital for quite a long time, when she came out, there was no form of contact, even with the doctor. The aftercare, there was nothing. (…) They did call me, but that was for maybe a 10-minute talk, which is very kind of them to do this. I did say thank you very much for this because you have made me feel calmer and more confident.’ (02P, with LTC)
Barriers to using CP post-discharge servicesBarriers related to the healthcare system and the ToC process‘I am very happy that the pharmacy has as much information as they need about me, but obviously there is data protection. There is a confidentiality issue. (…) I would expect to receive a document emailed or paper from the pharmacy assuring me of confidentiality and data protection.’ (07P, with non-LTC)
Barriers related to the accessibility and availability of the resources at the CP‘Some very small villages do not have a pharmacy, but they do have a GP, (…) I think transport could be an issue for some people.’ (07P, with non-LTC)
‘The only downside is if people needed a one-to-one at home and that they cannot get to the place, and there is a time factor involved. Again, it is all down to manpower.’ (05P, with LTC)
Barriers related to patients’ understanding of CP discharge services‘There needs to be some kind of publicity. There is a lack of knowledge in relation to this kind of system. (…) I do not think people are aware of it.’ (04P, carer)
Recommendations for improvementsIncreasing awareness of CP post-discharge services‘If people do not know about the service, they will not use it. Number one is information. Trying to get people informed, trying to get patients educated.’ (08P, with non-LTC)
Provide community pharmacists with an access to patients’ medical records‘If you could link the pharmacist’s computer system into the National Health Service treatment that would be brilliant. (…) As long as you give the pharmacist the tools to do the job, give them the authority to listen to the story. Give them the authority to put stuff on the computer, on the medical records.’ (06P, healthy individual)
  • CP, community pharmacy; GP, general practitioner; LTC, long-term condition; ToC, transfer of care.