Table 1

BMIQ session topics

Week 1Welcome! getting started, self-monitoring diet and sodium
Week 2Healthy eating for weight loss
Week 3Walk off the weight
Week 4Setting SMART goals for weight control
Week 5Gaining control of your food environment
Week 6Take the bite out of stress eating
Week 7Social cues & you
Week 8Pump up my activity plan
Week 9Navigating restaurants & grocery stores
Week 10Don’t let slips trip you up!
Week 11Feeding your mind
Week 12Sharpening my problem-solving skills
Week 13Don’t let success slip away
Week 14Graduation!
(Optional)Do it yourself meals
(Optional)Food cravings
(Optional)Getting a hold over hunger
(Optional)How successful weight losers do it
(Optional)Incorporating highly desired foods
(Optional)Navigating the food label
(Optional)Triple trouble: sugar, fat and salt