Table 1

START intervention bundle components

EducationCommon infections: UTIs, LRTIs and SSTIsFace-to-face presentationAged care staff
Inappropriate antimicrobial use and impact on AMROnline workbookGPs
AMS in aged careCase studiesPharmacists
Assessment of common infections and appropriate investigationsFact sheetsResidents and families
GuidelinesAssessment and management of UTIs, LRTIs and SSTIsOne page, double-sided flowchartsAged care staff
Minimum signs and symptoms for antibiotic initiationElectronic and hard copyGPs
Empirical antimicrobial managementPharmacists
CommunicationCommunication of assessment and antimicrobials management of UTIs, LRTIs and SSTIsOne page hard copy or electronic documentation forms*Aged care staff
Audit and feedbackRate and appropriateness of antimicrobialsMonthly summary fact sheets or newslettersAged care staff
  • *Hard copy forms will be adapted for integration into electronic medical records where necessary.

  • AMR, antimicrobial resistance; AMS, antimicrobial stewardship; GP, general practitioner; LRTIs, lower respiratory tract infections; SSTIs, skin‚ÄČand soft tissue infections; START, Stepped-wedge Trial to increase antibiotic Appropriateness in Residential aged care facilities and model Transmission of antimicrobial resistance; UTI, urinary tract infections.