Table 1

Contents of the iACT ‘Happiness Mom’ programme for working mothers with preschool child(ren)

ModuleKey conceptEstimated timeContents
1Well-being education15 minDefining happiness with psychological well-being model
Ineffective coping strategy
Don’t think about your thoughts (exercise)
Difference between ‘pain’ and ‘suffering’
Exploring internal barriers (ie, thoughts, feelings) to values-based actions (exercise)
2Acceptance and Willingness15 minExperiential avoidance
How to accept negative feelings and thoughts (audio)
Formulating own willingness (exercise)
3Defusion10 minFusion with ‘Mind’
Cognitive defusion technique of acknowledging ‘I am having the thought that …’
Leaves on a stream (metaphor)
4Mindfulness and Self-compassion30 minMindful breathing (audio), meditation (audio), and eating and drinking.
Self-compassion ‘self-hug exercise’.
Self-compassionate body scan (audio).
5Self as context15 minConceptualised self
Tug‐of‐war (metaphor)
Observing communication from the sky (exercise).
6Value20 minPassengers on a bus (metaphor)
Think of your own epitaph. (exercise)
Defining what values are
Clarifying one’s values (eg, epitaph, value in seven domains) (exercise)
7Committed actions30 minDifference of thigs can be controlled or not
Defining effective and values-based goals (exercise)
Making action lists and strategies against internal barriers (exercise)
Psychological flexibility -break the pattern and expand variety of actions.
8Wrap up6 minPsychological well-being model
New strategy to grow yourself up
Optional sessions5 min/contentPositive parenting programme (based on Triple P) and Parenting mindfulness.
Couple therapy (based on assertive communication).
Relaxation skill and behavioural activation techniques.
How to contact to mental health service of third party.
Additional functionsCan review what they wrote on exercise in courses (note function)
Can share their feeling or impression with all participants on forum
Can ask questions to researchers on forum