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#1ParticipantsHealthcare providers(Healthcare Provider) OR (Healthcare Worker) OR (Health Care Provider) OR (health personnel) OR (health professional) OR (Medical staff) OR (Medical worker) OR (Physician) OR (Clinician) OR (Doctor) OR(Nurse) OR (Nursing Staff) OR (Healthcare employee) OR (Paramedic)
#2Phenomenon/outcome of interestExperience and impactExperience OR perception OR Attitude OR Opinion OR Impact OR Affect OR Emotion OR Mood OR Mental OR (Burn out) OR Burnout OR Burn-out OR (Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic) OR (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) OR (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) OR (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) OR PTSD OR (Stress Psychological) OR (Psychological Distress) OR (Affective Symptoms) OR Suffering OR anxiety OR Nervousness OR depression OR insomnia OR (sleep disorder) OR (stress levels) OR infection OR incidence OR morbidity
#3ContextCoronavirusCoronavirus OR COVID-19 OR SARSCOV2 OR 2019-nCov OR (COVID-19 Ncov) OR (2019 coronavirus) OR (novel coronavirus) OR (new coronavirus) OR (nouveau coronavirus) OR (COVID-19) OR (2019-severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) OR (SARS-2) OR (Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus) OR (SARS) OR SARS-CoV OR (SARS VIRUS) OR (severe acute respiratory syndrome) OR (MERS) OR (MERS-VIRUS) OR (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) OR (Middle East respiratory syndrome related coronavirus) OR (MERS-CoV)
#4Types of studiesCross-sectional, cohort studies and qualitative studies(cohort study) OR (Incidence Study) OR (Cohort Analysis) OR (Cohort Analyses) OR (Concurrent Study) OR (Closed Cohort Study) OR (Historical Cohort Study) OR (Prevalence Study) OR (Disease Frequency Survey) OR (Cross-Sectional) OR (Cross Sectional) OR (Empirical Research) OR (qualitative study) OR (qualitative Research) OR (Qualitative description) OR (phenomenological study) OR (Grounded Theory) OR (ethnography) OR (Anthropology) OR (Behavioral Research) OR (action research) OR (mixed method) OR (mixed-method) OR (Investigative research) OR (Investigative study)
Number of articles #1=1,811,427 #2=10,519,278 #3=73‚ÄČ347 #4=6,302,298 #1 AND #2 AND #3 AND #4=2380 (31 July 2020-PubMed)