Table 3

Details of variables collected at baseline and each follow-up phase

Baseline (pregnancy, n=449)2 years (n=324)3 years (n=324)5 years (n=299)7 years
Oral health-related variables
Dental examinations (child dental caries, gingivitis, trauma)
Dental treatment needs (mother and child)
Oral health-related behaviours (oral hygiene habits)
Oral health self-efficacy (mother)
Oral health literacy (mother)
Knowledge of children’s oral health (mother)
Oral health fatalism (mother and child)
Dental perceptions
Oral health-related quality of life (mother and child)
General health
Anthropometric measurements (height weight, arm circumference, blood pressure) (child)
General health conditions and hospitalisations (child)
Health-related behaviours (smoking, alcohol intake) (mother)
Physical activity (child)
Self-rated general and oral health (mother and child)
24-hour dietary recalls (child)
Breastfeeding habits (child)
Other dietary-related habits (mother and child)
Socioeconomic and psychosocial factors
Income, education, socioeconomic hardship, employment (mother)
Experience of racism (mother)
Cultural identity (mother)
Self-stem (child)
Social support and sense of self-control (mother)
Family functioning and home environment
Parental functioning and home environment (mother and child)
Time-use diaries (child)
Child development
Cognitive outcomes (child)
Social and emotional well-being (child)