Table 4

Datasets to be included in data linkage

Database domainTypes of information
Hospital admissionsLength of stay, ICD codes describing each hospitalisation event
Presentations at hospital emergency departmentsPresenting problem, diagnosis
Well-child health checksChild growth and development collected by nurses at routine health checks and ad hoc visits to local health clinics
Perinatal informationMedical information about pregnancy and child’s birth
Public dental careDental treatments received by child in public dental clinics
School enrolmentInformation provided by carers at the time the child was enrolled at school including carer education, languages spoken at home and school absences
Literacy and numeracyResults on reading, writing and numeracy collected from a national assessment programme when child is in year 3 (approximate age 8) at school
HousingInformation about families living in homes provided by the government
  • ICD, International Classification of Diseases.