Table 1

Pre-specified outcomes assessed in WUHA

OutcomeMethod0–5 years6–9 years≥10 years
Presence of ocular chlamydiaPCRX*XX
Ocular chlamydial loadPCRXXX
Worsening of clinically active trachomaPhotographyXXX
Clinical signs of trachomaPhotographyXXX
Presence of chlamydia antibodiesDBS serologyXXX
Presence of soil-transmitted helminths in stoolMicroscopy, PCRXX
Height, weight over timeAnthropometryX
Presence of nasopharyngeal pneumococcusBacterial cultureX
Presence of pneumococcal antibiotic resistanceDisk diffusionX
Presence of health clinic visitChart reviewXXX
  • *Primary outcome.

  • DBS, dried blood spot; PCR, polymerase chain reaction.