Table 5

Logistic regression showing associated factors with overweight among 10 to 19 years adolescent girls reporting to the Dhaka Hospital (urban) and Matlab Hospital (rural), Bangladesh, 2001 to 2018

FactorCategoryUnadjusted OR95% CIP valueAdjusted OR95 % CIP value
Age distribution15–19 years0.930.55 to 1.570.789
Self-education for adolescents aged >15 yearsNo formal education0.480.15 to 1.550.219
Maternal educationNo formal education0.280.17 to 0.49<0.001
Paternal educationNo formal education0.360.20 to 0.62<0.001
Number of family membersFamily member >50.860.51 to 1.450.581
Monthly family incomeIncome >US$1005.532.79 to 10.94<0.00131.46 to 6.150.003
Wealth quintilesPoorest wealth quintile0.470.28 to 0.780.004
SanitationUse of non-sanitary toilet0.340.19 to 0.62<0.001
Drinking waterUse of unboiled drinking water0.690.40 to 1.200.191
Duration of diarrhoea>1 day2.221.34 to 3.680.0021.961.17 to 3.290.011
Duration of stay in hospital>24 hours0.530.26 to 1.050.068
Study siteRural2.071.63 to 2.64<0.0012.761.33 to 5.730.006
  • Overweight=Body Mass Index-for-age Z score (BAZ) >+1.00 SD.