Table 1

Distribution of responses to each UTI-SIQ-8 item

Item *Day; m (SD)
Day 0
 Low abdominal pain2.541.16150.22
 Impairment due to urgency2.911.1415−0.20
 Impairment due to dysuria2.611.30150.05
 Impairment due to frequency2.961.2015−0.19
 Impairment due to pain2.401.15150.19
Day 1
 Low abdominal pain2.041.01150.55
 Impairment due to urgency2.211.06150.62
 Impairment due to dysuria1.991.04150.89
 Impairment due to frequency2.181.01150.55
 Impairment due to pain1.911.00150.84
  • *Response rate ranged between n=118 and 119 on day 0 and was n=112 on day 1.

  • UTI-SIQ, urinary tract infection-Symptom and Impairment Questionnaire.