Table 3

Factorial validity of the UTI-SIQ-8

ItemsItem loadings
Factor 1Factor 2
Day 0*
 Low abdominal pain−0.030.96
 Impairment due to urgency0.860.05
 Impairment due to dysuria0.670.22
 Impairment due to frequency0.88−0.06
 Impairment due to pain−0.070.97
Day 1†
 Low abdominal pain0.010.97
 Impairment due to urgency0.880.04
 Impairment due to dysuria0.84−0.02
 Impairment due to frequency0.860.09
 Impairment due to pain0.010.97
  • *Variance explained: 74%.

  • †Variance explained: 79%.

  • UTI-SIQ, urinary tract infection-Symptom and Impairment Questionnaire.