Table 2

Reliability of the UTI-SIQ

ItemsAlphaCorrected item total correlation
Day 00.86
 Low abdominal pain0.44
 Impairment due to urgency0.76
 Impairment due to dysuria0.67
 Impairment due to frequency0.70
 Impairment due to pain0.39
Day 10.91
 Low abdominal pain0.58
 Impairment due to urgency0.83
 Impairment due to dysuria0.74
 Impairment due to frequency0.83
 Impairment due to pain0.58
  • *Response rate ranged between n=118 and 119 on day 0 and was n=112 on day 1.

  • UTI-SIQ, urinary tract infection-Symptom and Impairment Questionnaire.