Table 2

Pharmaceutical costs for placebo and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) groups using data from the ORBITA trial

DrugORBITA protocol dosePCIPlacebo
Proportion takingMean weekly costProportion takingMean weekly cost
Aspirin75 mg OD0.99£0.130.97£0.13
Atorvastatin≥40 mg OD0.97£0.230.96£0.23
Clopidogrel*75 mg OD1.00£0.330.98£0.32
Perindopril* (if known hypertension)≥4 mg OD0.81£0.430.79£0.42
Bisoprolol*≥5 mg OD0.81£0.120.76£0.11
Amlodipine*≥5 mg OD0.91£0.150.89£0.14
Isosorbide mononitrate slow-release*25 mg OD0.66£0.160.66£0.16
Nicorandil10 mg BD0.48£0.380.59£0.47
Ranolazine500 mg BD0.07£0.760.14£1.63
Mean weekly total cost£2.69£3.62
  • *= or equivalent.

  • BD, twice daily; OD, once daily; ORBITA trial, Objective Randomised Blinded Investigation with optimal medical Therapy of Angioplasty in stable angina trial.