Table 1

Reproductive health indicators in India and Bihar 2015–2016

IndiaBihar state
Total population in 20161 309 000 000103 804 637
Literacy rate*74.4%61.8%
Age of mother at first birth19.917.5
Total fertility rate2.43.4
Skilled attendant at birth†81.4%70%
Institutional delivery78.9%63.8%
Population caesarean section17.2%6.2%
Institutional caesarean section‡21.8%9.7%
Stillbirth rate23/1000 births54/1000 births
Neonatal mortality rate (first 28 days)26.4/1000 live births26 to 30/1000 live births
Maternal mortality rate174/100 000 live births
  • *Year 2011.

  • †A skilled birth attendant is an accredited health professional—such as a midwife, doctor or nurse.

  • ‡Include district hospitals, referral hospitals and private hospitals.