Table 1

Visit plan and standardised assessments of participants

T0 (at day of discharge)T1 (after 1 month)T2 (after 3 months)T3 (after 6 months*)T4 (end of study visit*)
All participants (both groups) standardised assessmentsCGIGCG (no visit)IGCGIGCG (no visit)IGCGIG
Initial assessment of diagnoses and care situation as usual in hospitalxx – – – – – – – –
TIGER basic anamnesis:
Hospital admission situation, and social, housing, care and medication situationxx – – – – – – xx
Initial assessment of domestic care situation at first visit at home (in IG between T0 and T1, in CG at T2), modified according to NBA† of31 – – –xx – – – – –
TIGER assessments:
Mobility assessment according to NBA†31xx –xxx –xxx
Physical function: short physical performance battery39xx –xxx –xxx
Nutrition status: mini nutritional assessment33 34xx –xxx –xxx
Anthropometrics (weight and size)xxxxxxxx
Cognitive assessment: trail making test A and B40xx – –xx – –xx
Handgrip strength via dynamometer (Jamar digital hand dynamometer, model number 081406453)xx –xxx –xxx
Pedometer assessment: activPAL3 micro (PAL Technologies), worn for 7 consecutive daysxx – –xx – –xx
Geriatric assessment:
MMSE29xx –xxx –xxx
Geriatric Depression Scale32xx –xxx –xxx
Barthel Index41xx –xxx –xxx
Timed up and go test42xx –xxx –xxx
Instrumental ADL43xx –xxx –xxx
Questionnaires for participants of both groups:via mailvia mail
Education and personal environmentxxxxxxxxxx
Health: medication, list of illnesses, health-related quality of life (Short Form 12-items health survey SF-1244)xxxxxxxxxx
Fear of falling45–47 and physical activityxxxxxxxxxx
Personal psychosocial resources regarding health (ie, coping with disease,48 self-perception of ageing49 and self-efficacy50)xxxxxxxxxx
Weight, diet, appetite,51 food enjoyment52 and support at mealsxxxxxxxxxx
Wound-related quality of life53xxx x x x
Perceived stress54 and caregiver burden55 56xx xxxxxx x x
  • *For participants with study duration of 9 months, the T4=end of study visit takes place 9 months after hospital discharge. For participants with study duration of 6 months, the T3 measurements taking place after 6 months is replaced by the T4=end of study visit measurements, but including all T3 assessments.

  • †The NBA is an assessment to determine eligibility for benefits from the long-term care insurance in Germany.31

  • ADL, activities of daily living; CG, control group; IG, intervention group; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; NBA, Neues Begutachtungs Assessment; TIGER, Transsectoral Intervention Programme for Improvement of Geriatric Care in Regensburg.