Table 1

MRI sequences

1T1- weighted multiecho magnetisation prepared rapid gradient echo (MP-RAGE) images with echo planar image-navigated prospective motion compensation (TR, 2550 ms; TE, TE1 2.14 ms, TE2 3.94 ms, TE3 5.77 ms, TE4 7.5 ms; IV, 0.9 mm3; TA, 06:47)
23D T2-weighted turbo spin echo images (TR, 3200 ms; TE, 408 ms; IV, 0.9 mm3; TA, 04:43)
3Multishell simultaneous multislice echo planar diffusion images (TR, 3500 ms; TE, 67 ms; IV, 2.0 mm3; b=750 s/mm2, 25 gradient directions; b=2000 s/mm2, 45 directions; and b=2800 s/mm2, 60 directions; 19 b=0 s/mm2; multiband acceleration factor 2; TA, 10:59) with matching reverse-phase encoding images (TA, 01:40)
4Quantitative susceptibility mapping gradient echo images (TR, 30 ms; TE1 6.32 ms, TE2 11.03 ms, TE3 15.74 ms, TE4 20.45 ms, TE5 25.16 ms; IV, 1.0 mm3; TA, 05:38), acquired on a subset starting November 2019
5Multiecho gradient recalled echo planar resting state functional MRI images with prospective acquisition correction (TR, 1500 ms; TE, 33 ms; IV, 2.5 mm3; multiband acceleration factor 3; total TA, 13:04, in two consecutive acquisitions of TA, 06:32, for compliance) with matching reverse-phase encoding images (TA, 0:56)
  • IV, isotropic voxel; TA, time of acquisition; TE, echo time; TR, repetition time.