Table 2

Comparison of topics identified by this current PPP study, the 2013 BCC gap analysis11 and the 2018 ABS gap analysis17

PPP studyBCC analysisABS analysis
Information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Risk factors
Symptomatic assessment and diagnosis
Staging and monitoring disease
Neoadjuvant treatment
Breast conserving surgery (including re-excision)
Management of axilla
‘Personalised’ treatment
Side effects of treatment
Treatment markers
Imaging biomarkers
Metastatic disease
Over-diagnosis and over-treatment
B3 lesions/DCIS
Outcomes (clinical, patient, cosmetic)
Risk reducing surgery
Psychological impact of diagnosis
Living after/with breast cancer
(Epi) genetic changes in cancer
Cancer subtypes and patient subgroups
Molecular mechanisms of cancer development
Translational research
  • ABS, Association of Surgery; BCC, Breast Cancer Campaign; DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ; PPP, patient and public priorities.