Table 4

Multiple linear regression model output

CovariateEmbedded ImageSE95% CIP value
 Doctor vs nurse−2.823.20−9.13 to 3.48
 Doctor vs other clinical−0.403.27−6.84 to 6.04
 Doctor vs non-clinical2.923.13−3.25 to 9.09
 Nurse vs other clinical2.432.77−3.04 to 7.89
 Nurse vs non-clinical5.742.520.78 to 10.70
 Other clinical vs non-clinical3.322.85−2.29 to 8.92
 35–44 vs 18–34−4.762.97−10.61 to 1.08
 45–54 vs 35–44−0.302.59−5.40 to 4.79
 55+ vs 45–541.282.42−3.50 to 6.06
 Female vs male2.562.61−2.59 to 7.70
COVID-19 role0.03
 COVID-19 front line vs COVID-19 back office−1.283.11−7.40 to 4.85
 COVID-19 front line vs non-COVID-19 role4.782.51−0.17 to 9.72
 COVID-19 back office vs non-COVID-19 role6.052.590.94 to 11.16
Able to take a break0.98
 Often vs always−1.172.75−6.59 to 4.24
 Sometimes vs often0.702.48−4.18 to 5.58
 Seldom vs sometimes−0.983.17−7.23 to 5.28
 Never/almost never vs seldom2.555.27−7.83 to 12.92
Able to rest and recover during breaks<0.01
 Often vs always6.053.50−0.86 to 12.95
 Sometimes vs often4.822.41−0.07 to 9.56
 Seldom vs sometimes6.822.611.68 to 11.97
 Never/almost never vs seldom0.044.77−9.36 to 9.43
Have any concerns about PPE?0.04
 Yes vs no4.021.970.14 to 7.90
Enough COVID-19 knowledge for work life?0.54
 Yes vs no−0.672.53−5.66 to 4.32
 Yes vs not sure−2.902.61−8.05 to 2.25
 No vs not sure−2.233.10−8.33 to 3.88
Enough COVID-19 knowledge for home life?0.48
 Yes vs no2.583.44−4.21 to 9.36
 Yes vs not sure−2.262.82−7.80 to 3.29
 No vs not sure−4.834.02−12.75 to 3.08
  • PPE, personal protective equipment.