Table 1

Data collection tools and timing

MethodTimingPopulationData collected
Questionnaire (online)3 rounds: month 1, month 5, month 10FRC volunteers in Ile de FranceVolunteer activities, training, media sources consulted, motivation
Semi-structured interviewsContinuous, from July 2020 through 15 April 2021FRC volunteers in Ile de FrancePerceptions of volunteer work during pandemic, qualitative explanation of motivations to continue with FRC
Social media and media listening (Twitter, including media links and opinion pieces in widely circulating newspapers)Continuous, from June 15, 2020 through 15 April 2021Social media and media users in FrancePublic opinion concerning debates and uncertainties around COVID-19 prevention, diagnosis, research
ObservationContinuous but contingent on national lockdown regulations and volunteer availabilityFRC volunteers in Ile de FranceVolunteer activities, hidden motivations concerning volunteer work