Table 3

Proposed checklist to ensure good recruitment in pragmatic intervention studies. The items listed may or may not be relevant in different contexts

ItemYes/noIf yes, how?
If no, what adaptations are needed?
Is it possible to create a network/partnership with stakeholders?
Can these stakeholders be involved in recruitment?
Does the research question reflect a relevant problem to the stakeholders involved?
Do worksite/clinical procedures allow for recruitment? (adequate time, personnel and procedures, SMS system, social media, newsletters)
Are there ways to reach to the target group? (eg, social media, clinics, interviews, mail)
Is there enough time allotted for recruitment?
Are the eligible subjects willing to expose themselves to the study procedures?
Do recruiters need extra motivation/reward to participate?
Do subjects need extra motivation/reward to participate?
Are there systems in place with which to remind potential participants in a systematic way (SMS system, research assistant)?
  • SMS, short message service.