Table 1

Content of the YP Face IT intervention

1. Common problemsCommon problems experienced by adolescents with a visible difference: bystander responses, teasing, bullying.SIST1
2. Improve your social skillsBody language, verbal and non-verbal skills and building positive social skills.SIST2
3. Don’t be SCARED, REACH OUTEffect of own behaviour on other people. Toolbox of techniques to cope with difficult social situations.SIST3
4. Think, Feel, DoRelationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Identifying negative thoughts and using a positive voice to challenge these thoughts. Different coping strategies for negative thoughts.CBT4
5. SMART goalsUsing SMART goals to help achieve goals, dividing the end goal into subgoals. Dealing with concerns in romantic relationships.CBT5
6. Beating anxietyExposure therapy in the form of a fear ladder. Relaxation techniques.CBT6
7. Looking at your progressSummary session, with summary of all previous sessions.SIST/CBT7
8. Booster quizQuiz with 16 questions on all taught techniques.SIST/CBT13
  • CBT, cognitive–behavioural therapy; SIST, social interaction skills training; YP, Young People.