Table 2

Care providers’ report on availability of guidelines for respectful maternal and newborn care

Subject areaProviders’ account on modalities for ensuring respectful maternity and newborn careNumber of responses (%)
Policies on women’s rightsPolicy and procedure for addressing patient concerns54 (41.1)61 (71.0)54 (66.7)
Policies on the rights of patients83 (52.5)70 (81.6)57 (70.4)
Staff training on respectful careStaff trained on how to treat childbearing women with respect64 (40.5)60 (70.1)61 (75.0)
Staff rating of RMC provided in their facilityStaff who rated their facility above 3 on a scale of 1–5 (5 being best) for care with respect and dignity they provide to women151 (95.6)86 (100.0)77 (95.1)
Identification and response to abuseProcess exist for identifying and reporting abuses during maternity and newborn care46 (29.1)58 (67.8)41 (50.0)
Have encountered abuse victims in their maternity and newborn care practice42 (26.6)28 (32.2)16 (19.8)
Staff who knew of 2 or more measures being implemented in their facilities to prevent abuses31 (19.6)54 (62.7)57 (70.4)
Staff who mentioned 2 or more measures being implemented in their facilities to treat or rehabilitate victims of abuses16 (10.1)17 (19.5)56 (69.0)
Community stakeholders’ involvement in addressing disrespect and abuse of women during childbirth49 (31.0)49 (57.5)27 (33.3)
Payment for servicesWomen are expected to pay for normal deliveries32 (20.3)7 (8.1)42 (51.9)
Women are expected to buy supplies for normal deliveries132 (83.5)73 (85.1)61 (75.0)
Women are expected to pay before treatment in case of obstetric emergencies19 (12.0)9 (10.3)27 (33.3)
  • RMC, respectful maternity care.