Table 1

Patient’s eligibility criteria for the HiFIT study

Inclusion criteriaPatient ≥18 years old, hospitalised for an osteoporotic HF (eg, femoral neck fracture, subtrochanteric or intertrochanteric fracture) scheduled for a HF surgery.
Preoperative haemoglobin between 95 and 130 g/L (95≤Hb≤130 g/L).
Signed informed consent of the patient or his/her next of kin or emergency procedure for inclusion.
Exclusion criteriaBone marrow disease or ongoing treatment (such as chemotherapy, etc), which could interfere with bone marrow erythropoiesis.
Known allergy or contraindication to study drug.
Uncontrolled hypertension.
Recent intravenous infusion of iron (within 1 week). (Use of oral iron is not an exclusion criteria.)
Blood transfusion within 1 week before inclusion or preoperative blood transfusion already scheduled, any patient who cannot be transfused or has refused consent for a blood transfusion.
Bedridden or very dependent patient (equivalent to GIR 1 or 2 class).
Non-affiliation to French healthcare coverage. Adult patient protected under the law (guardianship).
  • The GIR classification37 (from the French ‘autonomy gerontology groups iso-resources’) is used to classify patients’ dependency from 1 (very dependent) to 6 (autonomous).

  • Hb, haemoglobin; HF, hip fracture.