Table 3

App context adherence to smoking cessation clinical guidelines

Guideline recommended context/5 AsYes (√)
no (X)*
Current smoking
Number of cigarettes smoked per day
Time until first cigarette of the day
Smoke when sick
Reasons to smoke/quit smoking
Smoking and other smoking-related triggers
Time of day smoking triggers
Personalised advice (using user-provided information)
Advising on changing routines
Advising on coping with cravings
Advising on medication useX
Assess the user’s motivation, confidence and readiness to quit.
Assess the user’s nicotine dependence and cravings.
Set and pick a quit date
Users will make a quit smoking ceremony and sign stop smoking contracts
Users will receive support for/feedback on their quit attempt
Support for increasing self-awareness of smoking and quitting by monitoring daily smoking behaviours
Information about health risks of smoking
Check progress and provide reward options
Reminders about money saved since quitting
Reminders about number of cigarettes not smoked since quitting
Distraction from smoking urges, such as relaxation practice
Reminders about social benefits and health benefits accrued
Users could interact with healthcare providers for support
Referral to family and friends support
Reminders of their own motivations during difficult times
Enhance motivation: risks, roadblocks, rewards
Informational material will be displayed
Links to resources were givenX
Discussion about pharmaceutical productsX
Referral to quitline or other professional supportX
Support for craving and withdrawal symptoms
Arrange follow-ups
Checked-in prior to and after quit attempt
Support for high-risk situations
Support for craving and weight concern
Support for lapse and relapse prevention
If relapsed, encourage user to set a new quit date
If relapsed, offer encouragement that quitting takes practice
Support identity change
Reward and support long-term abstinence
  • 5 A's: Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, and Arrange

  • *(X) This information will not be provided until the end of clinical trial.