Table 4

Extraction fields

DomainExtraction fields
Study details

Year of publication
Journal name
Geographic location of study
Year(s) of study

Study type
Recruitment methods
Type of antidepressant(s)
Method(s) of measuring antidepressant use
Type of comparator(s)
Method(s) of measurement of comparator(s)
Definition of violence
Method of measuring violence
Definition of aggression
Method of measuring aggression
Method of randomisation*
Methods for avoiding confounding (covariate adjustment, propensity score, etc.)†
Allocation procedure*
Statistical analyses

Number of participants
Age of participants (average and/or age categories)
Proportion male and female
Median length of follow-up (and variance)
Attrition rates and/or exclusions after entry
Proportion missing data or loss to follow-up
Number exposed (total, by sex, by age)
Duration of antidepressant use and variance (total, by sex, by age)
Number not exposed (total, by sex, by age)
Number with outcome (total, by sex, by age)
Number exposed with outcome (total, by sex, by age)
Number not exposed with outcome (total, by sex, by age)
Measure of association (and CI, SE, p value)
Any treatment deviations, non-compliance or non-adherence
Funding and conflict of interests

Funding sources declared
Funding sources (list)
Conflict of interests declared
Conflict of interests (list)
  • *Relevant to randomised controlled trials.

  • †Relevant to observational studies.