Table 1

Characteristics of 212 participants with well-defined post-treatment Lyme disease*

All participants
Age at study visit48.00 (37.00, 58.00)
(18.00, 82.00)
Male gender124 (58.5%)
White, non-Hispanic190 (89.6%)
Years of education16.00 (14.00, 18.00)
(10.00, 30.00)
Annual household income >US$100K119/203 (58.6%)
Currently out of work on disability12 (5.7%)
Lyme disease onset while resident of CDC Lyme disease ‘high-incidence’ state29205 (96.7%)
CDC ‘confirmed’ initial Lyme disease presentation16124 (58.5%)
Duration from Lyme disease onset to study visit (years)1.67 (0.68, 3.81)
(0.06, 28.59)
Total antibiotic exposure from Lyme disease onset to study visit (weeks)8.57 (4.43, 14.29)
(2.00, 168.57)
  • *Data from categorical variables are presented as count (%). Data from normally distributed continuous variables are presented as mean±SD (range) and from continuous variables not normally distributed as median (25th percentile, 75th percentile) (range). Proportions were calculated based on non-missing data and may not add to 100% because of rounding. Missing data are as follows: Years of education, 1 (0.5%); Annual household income, 9 (4.2%).

  • CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; PTLD, post-treatment Lyme disease.