Table 2

App features that could promote engagement

FeatureBrief description
GamificationAttractive gamified quitting journey with continuity story line and variable plot
PersonalisationMake the app as interactive as possible (eg, tailored feedback); promote engagement by customised message push notification based on users’ own smoking behaviour
ProfessionalisationMake the app looks professional with scientific endorsed content
PersonificationEstablish a ‘rapport’ between the participants and healthcare providers
Social interaction and supportProvide a platform for interactions among the participants, their quitting sponsors and healthcare providers. Linking with social networking software that is, WeChat
Transparency and realistic expectationsSet up clear expectations concerning how the app will be used
ShapingKeep demands of the participants to a minimum
Design for curiosityUnluck some information each day during preparation; present new information each time the app is accessed
Instant feedbackProvide instant feedback (eg, tips for craving, progression statistics)
RewardsProvide users with a rewarding experience when they visit the app
Positive recognitionRecord quitting time and provide recognition and encouragement by gamified achievement system, visualise health and finance improvement
Visual cues and dashboardsUse as many as possible images to convey information
Structure sectionsBreak complex tasks into small steps
Session timeKeep login sessions brief (each session takes less than 1 min of the users' time)