Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of the parent subsample (n=618)

Sample distribution
Parent demographics
 Province of residence
  British Columbia/Territories8113.1%
  Atlantic provinces437.0%
 Rural vs urban
  High school or less6210.0%
  Some college/university22636.6%
 Marital status
  Single, never married396.3%
  Married or partnered51783.7%
  Separated, divorced, widowed6210.0%
 Household Income
  $50K to <$100K19731.9%
 Employment status
  Unemployed (due to COVID-19)8613.9%
  Unemployed (prior to COVID-19)213.4%
 Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-Spirit and queer or questioning
 Pre-existing mental health condition
  Indigenous origins (eg, First Nations, Inuit, Métis)172.8%
  Visible minority (eg, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, African)12219.7%
  European origins (eg, British, German, Russian)39463.8%
 Household Living
  Living with a spouse or partner50080.9%
  Living with other adult family members (eg, parents, grandparents)264.2%
  Living with grandchildren111.8%
Child demographics
 Child age (check all that apply)
  4 years and under18329.6%
  5 to 11 years29247.2%
  12 to 17 years30950.0%
  18 years and over7011.3%
 Child siblings at home
  • *Other gender identity options were available but not endorsed in this sample