Table 2

Overview of assessments and the order of testing at different time points

Baseline24 weeks48 weeks1- year follow-up
2. Resting blood sampleXXXX
3. Cognition
4. Physical function
5. PROM’s
 Demographic formX
 SF-36 Health SurveyXXXX
 Baecke Physical ActivityXXX
 4 week exercise recallXXXX
6. Body compositionXXXX
7. Aerobic fitness levelXXXX
8. AccelerometryXXXX
Clinical outcomes
 Disease duration†X
 Time since diagnosis†X
 Annual relapse rate*†XX
 EDSS score†XXXX
 Change in medical DMT†XXX
  • All outcomes are assessed in both the supervised exercise therapy group and the health education control group. Outcomes marked with a *, is also assessed in the population-based control group.

  • *Primary outcome (MRI=global brain atrophy rate).

  • †Outcome measure also extracted from the Danish MS registry, forming the population-based control data.

  • DMT, disease-modifying therapy; EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; 9HPT, 9-Hole Peg Test; MFIS, Modified Fatigue Impact Scale; MSIS-29, Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale 29-item; MSWS-12, Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale 12-item; 6MWT, 6 min walk test; PASAT-3, paced auditory serial addition test (3 seconds version); PROM’s, patient-reported outcome measures; SDMT, symbol digit modality test; SF-36, Short-Form 36-item; SRT, selective reminding test; SSST, six spot step test; T25FWT, timed 25-foot walk test.