Table 1

Demographic and household characteristics, and uptake of maternal care of women aged 15–49 years with a live birth in the last 12 months* (n=324)

Age (years)
Highest education†
 Higher education72
Household income†
 <150 soles (~US$42)16752
 151–300 soles12940
 >300 soles (~US$84)268
Primary water source of household
 River or spring15849
 Public tap or well7924
 Private well or rainwater from roof6921
 Piped into dwelling00
Number of facility ANC consultations‡
 0 visit268.0
 1–5 visits11034.0
 6–7 visits10432.1
 ≥8 visits8425.6
Place of birth
 Health facility11435
 Home birth20864
Caesarean section
  • *Women were identified based on a census of all communities in the Mamás del Río (MDR) implementation area conducted in early 2019 as part of the programme evaluation.

  • †Two women answered ‘don’t know’.

  • ‡One woman answered ‘don’t know’.

  • ANC, antenatal care.