Table 1

Characteristics of included studies

No of patientsNo of paired valuesGestational weekAge of study participantsThreshold for hypoglycaemiaThreshold for hyperglycaemiaReference standardNo of calibrations
Beardsall et al, 2005351651623.3–29.9≤24 hours<2.6>10PoC*
Beardsall et al, 201324188520728.36 (2.26)≤24 hours<2.6>10PoCCa 3
Iglesias-Platas et al, 20092738102424–32≤24 hours≤2.2≥10PoC3
Nally et al, 20193735934–37<8 hours<2.5NRPoC≥2
Perri et al, 2018282329923–30≤24 hours≤2.6≥10PoC2
Pertierra-Cortada et al, 2014296040728.4 (2.2)65 (21)≤2.5≥7.8PoC3
Saw et al, 20173030390<37≤72 hours≤2.2≥6.7A-line≥3
Tabery et al, 201838980<37NR<2.5NRPoC≥2
Thomson et al, 2019312024726.14 (1.9)<48 hours<2.6>10PoC≥2
Tiberi et al, 2016322044927–36≤24 hours≤2.5≥10PoC≥2
Tomotaki et al, 201933826923–375–140<2.8>10PoC≥4
  • Gestational week is reported either as a range or as mean (SD). Age of study participants is reported either as age at study entry in hours after delivery, or as age of the participants in days of life reported as a range of ages or as mean (SD). Thresholds for hypo- and hyper-glycaemia are reported in mmol/L, conversion from thresholds reported as mg/dl has been performed by rounding off to one decimal number. Number of calibrations is reported per day.

  • *Calibration was performed when a PoC test was taken according to standard of care guidelines.

  • NR, not reported; PoC, point of care.