Table 2

Patients’ baseline characteristics

Diabetic foot ulcerLeg ulcer (venous)Open woundPressure ulcerSurgical woundUnspecifiedOther acute wounds*Other chronic wounds†All wounds
Mean age per patient (years)62.370.953.476.155.455.948.455.957.9
Percentage male51%48%40%40%42%49%40%42%44%
Percentage smoker11%7%18%7%19%22%23%18%17%
Percentage ex-smoker37%44%29%40%29%28%20%24%30%
Percentage non-smoker52%48%51%40%52%49%55%58%52%
Percentage with unknown smoking status0%1%2%13%0%1%2%0%1%
Mean body mass index per patient (kg/m2)30.931.529.624.528.328.928.628.629.1
Percentage with new wounds in the study period61%59%87%80%77%80%81%62%73%
Percentage of all wounds with a recorded infection78%41%94%13%35%1%24%63%40%
  • *Other acute wounds comprise abscesses, burns and traumatic wounds.

  • †Other chronic wounds comprise arterial, mixed and unspecified leg ulcers. Full details are available in online supplemental table S2.