Table 4

Healing rates in the study period

Diabetic foot ulcerLeg ulcer (venous)Open woundPressure ulcerSurgical woundUnspecifiedOther acute wounds*Other chronic wounds†All wounds
Wounds that healed in the study period52%37%90%60%85%85%88%49%70%
New wounds that healed in the study period60%56%90%75%86%88%86%36%76%
Existing wounds that healed in the study period40%9%90%0%80%73%93%77%56%
Wounds that healed with no evidence of infection57%50%93%62%87%86%91%54%77%
Wounds that healed with recorded evidence of infection50%18%89%50%81%38%78%46%60%
Wounds that healed among smokers33%25%88%33%82%85%89%43%64%
Wounds that healed among ex-smokers53%39%88%67%83%88%87%48%70%
Wounds that healed among non-smokers56%38%93%75%88%84%90%52%74%
  • *Other acute wounds comprise abscesses, burns and traumatic wounds.

  • †Other chronic wounds comprise arterial, mixed and unspecified leg ulcers. Full details are available in online supplemental table S4.