Table 4

HDP women’s preferences for content and distribution of information/education on future risk after HDP (multiple answers collected) in order of preference

Total HDP
N (%)
Total N1514316174
Preference of discussion topics*
 Impact on my children from the pregnancy affected by HDP738063136 (73)
 Signs and Symptoms of the conditions807169124 (67)
 Risk reduction for subsequent pregnancy406244101 (54)
 When does the risk rise406150101 (54)
 Statistics40603898 (53)
 Reducing risk behaviours (diet, exercise, smoking cessation)40563191 (49)
 Where to find information40511381 (44)
 How to discuss the matter with my healthcare provider27402565 (35)
Preference of distribution*
 Medical professionals738275140 (80)
 Key organisations536163105 (60)
 Social media40511982 (47)
 Brochures/flyers40453175 (43)
 Online videos20242542 (24)
 Podcast/media13232539 (22)
  • *Table represents frequency of each option; percentages add to over 100% as women were asked to select any/all that applied.

  • CH, chronic hypertension worsening in pregnancy and/or with superimposed PE; GH, gestational hypertension; HDP, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy; PE, pre-eclampsia.