Table 2

Means of risk factor knowledge of women listed by type of HDP

GH n=15PE n=143CH n=16HDP n=174Non-HDP n=92P value HDP vs non-HDP
Chronic hypertension0.530.780.810.760.620.02
Renal disease0.270.540.690.530.21<0.001
Heart attack0.530.690.750.680.520.01
Repeat HDP0.870.900.940.900.71<0.001
Heart disease0.470.690.750.680.500.005
Breast cancer*0.200.520.310.470.650.004
Overall mean knowledge score (out of 10)
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  • *Breast cancer and seizures are distractors within the survey. These were included despite being conditions that women after HDP are not at greater risk of.

  • CH, chronic hypertension worsening in pregnancy and/or with superimposed PE; GH, gestational hypertension; HDP, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy; PE, pre-eclampsia; PVD, peripheral vascular disease.